The average rate. On the way to balance

The average rate. On the way to balance


The golden mean is a balance between extremes. It is the preservation of the balance in life that allows you to achieve successful relationships both in life and at work. DB Advisors company decided to calculate the golden section concept of the "majority opinion" in the form of an experiment.

We suggest our participants to try to score not the highest, but the "average" rate in the surveys on February, 28. This will allow us to identify the "average, balanced" participants. These participants will be encouraged by the company. Bonuses are identical with the bonuses in the Top-200 of the daily ranking in marathon of Advisors. Note that the bonuses for the "average" rate will be given to the participants with the Advisors Club card, who answered all the 30 questions.

Hope this experiment will open up new opportunities for us to understand each other.

Knowledge and Initiative. Shawna-Lee Lawrence

It is harder to find a job for people who have graduated university with a major in these fields.

Create your career!

You will need a lot of time to become a specialist in biomedical engineering.

1/16 of the tournament starts

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Profit and Stability. Shravani Kotapaty

Expanding horizons will open doors for many opportunities.

Advice for the day

I'm the only person in the world I'd like to get to know better.

The never-ending dilemma. Elizabeta Miljković

At the end of the day, the salary is what we like most from our job.

Results of 1/16 World Cup

Victory for Kenyans.

To Slap or Not to Slap. Filipa Blagojevic

I gave birth to you, not the other way around.