The history of mankind will be rewritten

The history of mankind will be rewritten


By: Vera Ustinova

The starting point of the century was an ordinary event. 15 years ago the European company producing yoghurt starter invited a group of scientists. They had to develop a way to protect copyrights for the product of the company, which competitors stole regularly. And scientists have created such a method in the form of a biological tool that could put a brand (sign) on bacteria in the DNA of yogurt. Thus, the counterfeit is easy to track.
Then it was found out that this tool is well applicable to fish, plants, pigs, macaques, and ... humans as well. The CRISPR-Cas method was developed basing on this tool, in 2013, (special biological "scissors" that can remove a piece of code from DNA and replace it with a "patch" with certain properties). It turned out that this amazing and wonderful genome editor opened access to the treatment of many serious d


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