“Each person is a whole world that has something to learn from”

“Each person is a whole world that has something to learn from”


Iren Kovalevich from Belarus meets every day with joy. Two children - a teenage son and a four-year-old daughter - bring a lot of amazing and exciting things in her life. Her everyday task is to teach students one of the most unusual sciences - psychology. To this end, Iren has to read, think, communicate, listen to words attentively, ask people questions, be surprised, change opinion (which sometimes is not so easy for her). She is active, athletic, she is dreaming about traveling, new impressions. When our Advisor cannot make a decision, she "freezes" and listens to her feelings ... In the opinion of Iren, this is how the right decisions are made.

How did You become a psychologist? Was it a childhood dream?

Becoming a psychologist was not a dream. I studied in the humanitarian class of the gymnasium, at the biological faculty of the university. My specialty is a biol


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