6 limitless success principles

6 limitless success principles


By: Negrut Flori

Dear friends, let me share with you some thoughts about how we have to think and act to achieve great things in life.
In my case, perfectionism, the ambition and the desire to learn as many things as possible, underpin what I am now. I can say that if you don’t work you will not be able to have achievements in your life.
Here are some rules, which I fulfill with holiness:
1. Never thank yourself for little achievements!
At work, besides the job descriptions, you should try to overcome your attributions. I am never content and I don’t thank myself for the routine work. But I always want to learn to do new things, to exceed my expectations and expectations of my bosses. Believe me, first and foremost you're doing it for yourself, not for someone else. You will thank yourself later.
If a colleague makes a job for you, do not be thankful for ge


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