How to benefit from the articles?

How to benefit from the articles?



Dear participants of DB Advisors!

The more days pass, the more this project becomes interesting for me. Every day I see something new, something different that makes our journey in this project more comfortable. Now we are like a big, enormous family… A family all over the world! Now on memory we know which country leader belongs to without seeing the flag that accompanies him/her. We feel sorry for those participants who are not in the top ranking almost the same way we feel sorry about ourselves. But never mind, tomorrow will be better! If at the end of the month you haven’t won money, you won something very important: you learned how to understand the majority opinion better! And that’s it! You got it! You learned the basic point of this project!

We always answer the questions thinking of what the majority of the people will think, whether we strike it or not. We answer even influenced by our daily life, our work and home habitat. That’s why for me articles are one of the best parts of all this project! The interviews and the thoughts of the leaders and not only… Because we don’t learn only studying the majority opinion on the Survey results. We learn even more reading all the published articles, especially articles written by the Advisors! We study their everyday life, their habits and this way we can predict answers of their questions more precisely. That’s why it is so important to read these articles, to make us understand Advisors more and more! Every day I see questions related to articles, and I'm very sorry that almost nobody reads them! The number of the Advisors that read articles is considerably less than the number of the Advisors that complete the surveys. Sometimes the majority opinion matches with the article and more often it doesn’t! It is not about saving 1,2,3 or more dollars not buying the article, it is about learning. And learning something new has no price!

So, please, read articles! Every day learn something new, because tomorrow this will help you to gain knowledge and yes....earn money!

And trust me: understanding the majority opinion makes you a better person!

Emotional intelligence can save lives

I have come to better understand people, regardless of economic situation, race and religion.

The joy of victory

DB is full of new tests, and everyone, whether a rookie or a veteran strive to win in tournaments.

Find a child in yourself

Don’t be afraid to feel bright emotions, give yourself up to joyful feelings.

Empathy as part of emotional intelligence

Empathy is an existent feeling in the individual, just try to give it a chance to act.

Unlimited benefits and opportunities in DB Advisors

Enjoy your unlimited benefits and opportunities in DB.

Panoramic future of DB Advisors

Use every opportunity provided by the platform.

Multifocal Intelligence

There is a world that can be discovered behind the scenes of the human mind, a rich, sophisticated and interesting world

Striking balance: EQ and IQ

Emotional intelligence enhances success in life while general intelligence enhances success in school.