Truth opens many doors in front of you

Truth opens many doors in front of you

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was born in Santa Fe, Argentina. She grew up in the village of Monte Vera. She studied for a little over two years at the Faculty of Engineering, but she had to quit studying for family reasons (her parents divorced and, being the eldest of five sisters, Mariana was supposed to help financially to support her family). A participant from Argentina loves studying and reading, she is a self-taught person. She married in 26 and in 6 years became a happy mother. In 2016, she resumed her studies, but chose a different career path, a bachelor's degree in criminology. She was inspired by the desire to make the future of her children better. At the moment, Mariana is studying in the third academic year and her main goal is having studied this profession to use it for good, with honor and courage.

How do you think, what is the most difficult thing in criminology?

The most difficult thing is to abstract emotionally from what you are working on. The criminologist should always have cold head, regardless of the circumstances and strive to find the truth, based on scientifically grounded and verified facts. Use the law to protect the innocent, have the tools and the necessary evidence to carry out his work. This work often has difficulties, at a time when humanity awakens in you, when, for example, it is necessary to describe in detail what happened during the crime, whether it is rape or the violent death of a child. Nobody, no matter how cold-blooded he is, won’t stop feeling the pain of other people. Our teacher once told us: " In this sphere, when something no longer affects you emotionally, it's time to change your work". The reason why I devoted myself to criminology is the need to help justice system.

What do you like most about yourself?

Sincerity, I'm embarrassed to lie, and I do not like liars. Truth opens many doors in front of you and makes you understand a very important aspect - people believe in you. Besides, your conscience is clear and that is comforting.


How do you spend your weekends?

With my family, sometimes we go out for a walk, and more often I prepare my family for the next week.

Imagine that you have a time machine, where would you go?

To be honest, nowhere. And I do not think that a time machine should exist. Making mistakes and learning from them is part of the formation and becoming of us as a person. As a knowledge of what will happen as a result of our actions, so the fact that you can change something will not allow us to consolidate as a person.

Your happiest memory.

No doubt, there are four of them. The birth of my three children and my wedding. I do not think that there are happier moments in my life than these. Maybe there will be some moments, but never more important than these moments.

What present would please You from all your heart?

Briefcase full of books on criminology.

The movie that caused a lot of emotions.

“Men of Honor". There was a phrase: " Why do you want this so bad? – Because they said I couldn't have it”.

What book would You read one more time?

“The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho.

Your favorite foreign word.

Reviresco, "revival" in Latin.

Why did You decide to participate in DB Advisors?

I participate in order to learn more, to learn how to determine the thoughts of the majority. It will help me a lot in my career. In order to do my job perfectly, it is necessary for me to determine well what the investigation object thinks about and how he will act in a certain situation. And also, there is an opportunity to win some money for partial payment of my training, my studies. The perfect combination that provides your website - learn, develop and earn money.

What would You like to improve on our website?

The page is very well developed, especially the design. The only thing that you could really use is the interaction between the participants, for example, a forum for discussions and debates. I hope that my answers will be useful to you. I would like to express my gratitude for allowing me to participate and become a part of your team and to learn from day to day.

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