Truth opens many doors in front of you

Truth opens many doors in front of you


Mariana Bourquen was born in Santa Fe, Argentina. She grew up in the village of Monte Vera. She studied for a little over two years at the Faculty of Engineering, but she had to quit studying for family reasons (her parents divorced and, being the eldest of five sisters, Mariana was supposed to help financially to support her family). A participant from Argentina loves studying and reading, she is a self-taught person. She married in 26 and in 6 years became a happy mother. In 2016, she resumed her studies, but chose a different career path, a bachelor's degree in criminology. She was inspired by the desire to make the future of her children better. At the moment, Mariana is studying in the third academic year and her main goal is having studied this profession to use it for good, with honor and courage.

How do you think, what is the most difficult thing in criminology?
The most


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The secret of happiness from Marin

To be productive and fight for my dreams it is essential for me to find peace in everything

“We should put our soul in what we are doing”

This a very interesting idea to share our opinions and earn due to them, thus improving our EQ.

“Each person is a whole world that has something to learn from”

Hot shower, quiet evening, green tea, calm conversations with loved ones – that is how I get rid of stress.

The road to a life full of blossom

I would definitely choose the forest for my office because it allows clearing my mind and staying focused.

“Be true to yourself, stop pleasing other people and live for yourself”

Challenges make me stronger, putting myself out of comfort zone

Interesting life of an interesting person

I learn a lot of interesting things every day, and it helps me to improve my abilities in analysis and self-development in various topics.

 “Together we achieve amazing results”

I am interested to know how the majority thinks

How does Sarai Jimenez combine work and care?

I would be very happy to relax with my family, ... well, or to get a car.