You deserve the career you have been dreaming of

You deserve the career you have been dreaming of


Job search is usually associated with hassle, risks and choice. Often it is very difficult to stand out among others. It takes a lot of efforts and time to send your resume to many companies. And in response you hear only the standard "We will call you".

Our company decided to apply an innovative approach to the job search process. DB Advisors launches a large-scale advertising campaign to promote the resume posted on website. They will be advertised by our company in various sources. Thus, the resume will be viewed not only by the participants of DB Advisors, but also by other users. This opens the opportunity for participants to attract the attention of an increasing number of employers.

The resume will be available for viewing in paid mode. Bonuses will be accumulated to their authors for each view. The rest part of the sum will be allocated for the promotion of the resume.

Making a good resume requires considerable abilities. The external design and the completeness of the data are very important. The more information you give about yourself, the more you will make the employer be interested in your resume. Along with this, we will supplement your resume with data on your achievements in DB Advisors. The indicator of your social intelligence, which is a very important factor for employers, will be shown here as well.

If you also want to start such a career, we invite you to use the new product of our company - the Resume product.

Product will be available in the next few days.

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