Low vs high performances

Low vs high performances



Have you ever wondered why the level of performance varies at different period of time both at work, on DB surveys and in life generally? While some people would feel the need to remain optimal in their performance, it is important to understand that this is not always possible. So what’s the magic?

What happens to each of us is relatively different at different period of time in life. The same happens in DB surveys, even the best amongst us do have their low moments when performance seem to drop beyond the usual. This brings us to consciousness that it is necessary to take into consideration our varying emotional peak moments, which directly affect our output and performance. Understanding of this fact will adequately help cushion the negativity associated with low performances.

Factors that affect performances on DB Advisors:

  1. Your emotional state: our emotional state greatly affects our performance. The emotions displayed at a given time have a certain amount of control over our reasoning and actions. For instance, the performance of a person who is depressed will definitely be less than the one’s who has got a pay rise and who is extremely excited.
  2. Survey trend: DB is a dynamic website and changes occur frequently especially in surveys. At different period of time come different survey trends. This singular factor can cause low performances especially when a person is not familiar with the current trend of survey.

What to do?

  1. Make sure that you are emotionally stable to participate in survey for that day. Remember, the aim is to recognize the majority opinion, which can’t be achieved with an unstable mind.
  2. Understand the survey trend. Make sure that you understand the questions well enough to answer them.
  3. Find a perfect time. Convenient time when you have the best level of concentration and focus.
  4. Believe in yourself. No matter how bad your previous performance might have been, always believe in yourself!

Remember, you can never succeed if you do not attempt to achieve success!

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