Interesting life of an interesting person

Interesting life of an interesting person


was born in 1974 in Karora city, Lara State, Venezuela. He is married to the woman that he fell in love with 26 years ago, and he has three lovely children: Osly, Osbel and Jann. He considers them as a gift from heaven, his pride and happiness of his life. Oscar worked in the Ministry of Education, for 10 years, as a chauffeur. At the moment he works as a night guard at the headquarters of the Ministry of Education. Due to his position, he has a lot of free time, which he gives to his children. He loves to cooking, studies interesting spheres on the Internet, reads various books.

What is the most difficult part of your work?

The most difficult part in my work is that every two days I'm not at home, but my work is relatively close and I take everything I need with me to have a great time on my shift. My work is relatively safe and it gives me a chance to surf the articles on the Internet or read a good book, but no, I don’t take a nap at work.

How do you spend your weekends?

My oldest daughter is studying far from home, and she comes on the weekends. We watch movies together, we can also visit our relatives.

The movie that caused a lot of emotions.

“Brave heart”, with Mel Gibson

What book you would like to read one more time?

"Trojan Horse" ("El Caballo de Troya"), a book by Juan Jose Benitez. I love his narrative form and how he remade the whole story of Christ's life in his own way.

What treat of your character you would never change?

My ability to analyze and, of course, a responsible attitude to everything.


Your happiest memory.

I have a lot of happy memories, but one of the most exciting and happy moment happened on June 8, 1991. My beloved agreed to become my wife on this day. She's my treasure.

What present would make You delighted from all your heart?

I really like such a field as modern technology and I always loved everything that concerns it. It simply blinds me: a good laptop, the phone of the last generation - these are my weaknesses.

Imagine that you have the time machine, where would You like to go?

I would like to go to the past, to spend more time with mother and older sister. They were my best mentors, and they gave me everything that every child needs. And I feel that I was not able to give them enough time to thank them for their love and guidance. They gave me everything I wanted and even more, but they left too early ....

Your favorite foreign word.

The word “Warriors” in English.

What do you like most on our website?

I learn a lot of interesting things every day, and it helps me to improve my abilities in analysis and self-development in various topics. In addition, I get very good profit.

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