Signs of fate. The way we don’t notice the obvious.

Signs of fate. The way we don’t notice the obvious.


Written by: Vera Ustinova

The person is woven from a subtle substance - brain, psyche, emotions, intuition, sensations. You must agree, these are not material structures. How can we survive in a world where we are not taught to use it? For the human population introspection is more important than matter – self-monitoring, understanding of the brain sign signals, the ability to diagnose sensations, emotions, to "see" the invisible. Learning these components gives people knowledge about themselves, life and signs of fate, and the ability to read and decipher such signs gives us an understandable and safe life.
Our brain takes information in huge volumes - up to 10 million bits per second, processes it and broadcasts. However, only about a few hundred thousandths of this volume we perceive consciously. All people, without exception, have the ability to feel the threaten


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