Signs of fate. The way we don’t notice the obvious.

Signs of fate. The way we don’t notice the obvious.


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The person is woven from a subtle substance - brain, psyche, emotions, intuition, sensations. You must agree, these are not material structures. How can we survive in a world where we are not taught to use it? For the human population introspection is more important than matter – self-monitoring, understanding of the brain sign signals, the ability to diagnose sensations, emotions, to "see" the invisible. Learning these components gives people knowledge about themselves, life and signs of fate, and the ability to read and decipher such signs gives us an understandable and safe life.

Our brain takes information in huge volumes - up to 10 million bits per second, processes it and broadcasts. However, only about a few hundred thousandths of this volume we perceive consciously. All people, without exception, have the ability to feel the threatening danger. Recognizing the sign information is possible. Rely on brain signals such as sensations, emotions, diseases, information blocks, dreams, events and actions more confidently.

Signs of fate are not mysticism or superstition, but quite a real thing and requires a special technique for their reading and use. There are many signs and symbols, we will focus only on the most important and those that require immediate response.

1 Fear

This is the strongest brain signal, a sign of the approaching danger. In such moments, you need to react immediately - to change the location, to stop or get out, if you are in transport.

2 мысли Obsessive thoughts

Your brain wants to tell you important information. Reflect on everything that you felt or saw.

3 Negative accidents

The sign is not an accident, but a whole chain of accidents, such as being late, theft, loss of documents. Cancel the meeting, postpone the vacation - this can save your life.

4 Victory, Joy, Happiness

Only a sense of peace and joy can be a criterion for the choice correctness.

5 The voice mumbling somewhere in your head

The sign of non-existing problem, but an approaching one. It can be a natural disaster, a threat to life. It is necessary to react.

6 Dreams

This information is processed only by the brain, without the intervention of the mind and the subtle psychic system. Information is being selected for long-term memory or for deletion. The brain gives us things that are important for us in the form of prophetic dreams, but the things that were left by us without attention. These dreams are special, they are recognizable and come as a video broadcast. The interpretation lies on the surface.

7 Discomfort

Suspension in communication, insecurity in your feelings with a new acquaintance, boredom in communication are signs of fate. Listen to the sensations, and you will not go through the path of negative experience.

8 Burning desire

The sign of quick problems. It is necessary to stop yourself.

9 Our sayings

Fateful statements program the brain. Remember this important point – the WAY we call the things, the WAY they become. Did not you notice that? Never say "we will break up" to your loved one – this way you increase the chances that this will exactly happen.

10 Illness

If you get sick - do not concentrate on your illness. Mind prevents the brain from doing "repair" and healing. A positive attitude favors recovery.

Only your brain can see and decipher the signs of fate. How it all happens, who or what transmits the fateful information to the brain – it is not yet in the sphere of our competence and knowledge of scientists. Do not rush through your life like a football ball. Absorbing everything, remove unnecessary information and do not overload your brain files with knowledge that does not carry a valuable information grain. The higher the intelligence and education, the more accessible information from the subtle world. When you develop the habit of instant signs fixation, your life will become safer and more harmonious.

Elements of scientific data by Bekhtereva N.P. are used in this article

(Brain Institute), Т.V. Chernigovskaya, M. Lusher.

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