Who earned the most on Extra surveys?

Who earned the most on Extra surveys?


As you already know, since last week a new type of surveys has started. Every Friday and Saturday, the website posts Extra-surveys, 10 questions a day. This is an excellent opportunity for those who want more earnings.

We present to your attention the list of winners of Extra-surveys for Friday and Saturday, respectively. So, according to the results of the Friday survey, the opinion leader was from Belarus, who earned $7.22. Followed by from Uzbekistan, who replenished her balance by $6.21. Participant from Kyrgyzstan - closes the top three winners, with an income of $5.41. Next day, i.e. on Saturday, from Russia wins with the earnings of $8.79. The second and third places took from Estonia, who won $7.10 and from Ukraine, whose income was $6.74, accordingly.

Congratulations to , who, according to the results of two Extra-surveys days, earned most of all - $11.45!

Remind that the price of one question is $1 in Extra-surveys and, accordingly, the earnings of participants are higher. The results of Extra surveys do not affect the coefficients, position in the rankings and tournaments in any way. Only members of the Advisors Club can participate in this type of surveys.

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