Who earned the most on Extra surveys?

Who earned the most on Extra surveys?


As you already know, since last week a new type of surveys has started. Every Friday and Saturday, the website posts Extra-surveys, 10 questions a day. This is an excellent opportunity for those who want more earnings.
We present to your attention the list of winners of Extra-surveys for Friday and Saturday, respectively. So, according to the results of the Friday survey, the opinion leader was Iryna Pirozhnik from Belarus, who earned $7.22. Followed by Janna Ramazanova from Uzbekistan, who replenished her balance by $6.21. Participant from Kyrgyzstan - Aidana Baktybek closes the top three winners, with an income of $5.41. Next day, i.e. on Saturday, Vasily Pirozhnik from Russia wins with the earnings of $8.79. The second and third places took Anna Koshcheeva from Estonia, who won $7.10 and Ilya Lototskyy from Ukraine, whose income was $6.74, according


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