The income of the articles’ authors is increasing

The income of the articles’ authors is increasing


As you already know, DB Advisors opens opportunities for its users in the sphere of learning, competitions and business. The next product is "The authorship of articles." This is the kind of online work where you can become an author of articles and receive additional earnings. These articles are part of the learning - they have useful information, experiences and opinions of different people.
The authors of the articles set the prices for reading their articles by themselves. The more users read your article, the more you earn (the part of income will be transferred to the DB Advisors fund - from the interview and the articles author gets 75%). So, the interview of the participant from Mexico Sarai Jimenez, placed at the price of $1 per reading, was read 92 times and brought to its author income of $69. Success of Skender Buzaku inspires even more. In just 7 days, he received inco


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