“Together we achieve amazing results”

 “Together we achieve amazing results”


Liliana DaSilva, participant from Portugal, was born on January 7, in 1988 in Caracas, Venezuela, however, her parents are Portuguese. At the moment she lives in Portugal, with her husband and daughter. Liliana is an interior designer and she is engaged in the reconstruction and creation of space. The other day Liliana will celebrate 100 days of joining to the DB Advisors community. And recently she began to enjoy special privileges by entering Advisors Club.

What do You like about your work?
I do my work with passion and dedication and do not see any special difficulties in it. I try to convey my ideas to the client and the staff at work, and together we achieve amazing results.
How do You spend your weekends?
I spend my weekends with my family, go for a walk or simply sit at home watching a movie.
The movie that caused a lot of emotions.
My Sister's Keeper
What treat of your c


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The road to a life full of blossom

I would definitely choose the forest for my office because it allows clearing my mind and staying focused.

Truth opens many doors in front of you

The perfect combination that provides your website - learn, develop and earn money.

“Be true to yourself, stop pleasing other people and live for yourself”

Challenges make me stronger, putting myself out of comfort zone

Interesting life of an interesting person

I learn a lot of interesting things every day, and it helps me to improve my abilities in analysis and self-development in various topics.

How does Sarai Jimenez combine work and care?

I would be very happy to relax with my family, ... well, or to get a car.

“I can change the future thanks to this profession”

It would be really difficult if I gave up and did not allow myself to learn.

Interview with the member of Advisors Club from Uruguay

I do my own business doing it the way I think I should do

How to develop further?

It helps to understand people, that significantly makes life easier.