Highest earnings and new price of the club card

Highest earnings and new price of the club card


Dear participants!

Daily participation in surveys can rightfully be regarded as the work of our Advisors. Many of you have already appreciated all its positive aspects. So, with great pride we want to inform that for 2017 more than 300 Advisors received their bonuses for the work done, the total fund of which was $250 000.

We present to you the list of Advisors with the highest earnings for 2017:





















We also would like to inform you about the new price of the Advisors Club card. Since February 1, you can join the Advisors Club by purchasing the club card for $240. Note that the club card is issued for a period of one year, during which you have the right to receive the prize fund in all DB Advisors tournaments, in the marathon of the month, and for entering the Top-200 of the daily ranking.

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