A trip to life from Oprah Winfrey

A trip to life from Oprah Winfrey

23.01.2018 3239


How do you think, how many people are there in the world whose profession is a TV presenter? 10.000? 100,000? 1000.000? We cannot know this for sure. But how many of them does the whole world know? No more than ten, right? And have you never wondered: why do some of them achieve worldwide fame, and some remain little-known even in their own country? Let's just look at one bright example to find the answer to this question.

Oprah Winfrey. The person who saw everything in her life, the worst things that many of you would not wish even to your enemy and the best things like: the love of millions, recognition, respect, glory and more. Don’t you think that these may be the things that helped her to reach the top of success? She knows the needs of all segments of society, both great and small, she can talk with a child in the language of the child, with an adult - in the language of an adult. We can only conclude that Oprah has learned to recognize the views of the majority because in the USA itself she is ahead of many of the world's stars by popularity and her show on television always keeps a high bar by ratings.

Oprah Winfrey is a bright example that under any circumstances, one should not give up on the path to the achievement of his or her goals. As a person with strong and powerful leadership qualities, Oprah understands that one of the decisive roles on this path plays the opinion of others. Over the years she "perfected" her skills in studying the behavior of other people, recognizing and managing emotions, sometimes even using negative ones. TV presenter and businesswoman repeatedly says that it is not necessary to waste the golden time in the search of the secret of success, because it does not exist at all. You have to work hard. Only in this case we can count on a brilliant result.

The most important life lesson that Winfrey wanted to convey to her listeners is that each of us, regardless of status, income and success level, wants to be appreciated. Understanding and empathy for others is the main key to the success of Oprah Winfrey.

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