A trip to life from Oprah Winfrey

A trip to life from Oprah Winfrey


By: Skender Buzaku
How do you think, how many people are there in the world whose profession is a TV presenter? 10.000? 100,000? 1000.000? We cannot know this for sure. But how many of them does the whole world know? No more than ten, right? And have you never wondered: why do some of them achieve worldwide fame, and some remain little-known even in their own country? Let's just look at one bright example to find the answer to this question.
Oprah Winfrey. The person who saw everything in her life, the worst things that many of you would not wish even to your enemy and the best things like: the love of millions, recognition, respect, glory and more. Don’t you think that these may be the things that helped her to reach the top of success? She knows the needs of all segments of society, both great and small, she can talk with a child in the language of the child, with an adult


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