New type of surveys

New type of surveys


In this article we will tell you about the new type of surveys for the participants who want to earn more on the website.

If you are one of them, we invite you to participate in Extra-surveys. Advisors, who are ready to invest in order to earn more as a result, try yourself in the new type of surveys.

Format of these surveys is a little different from the usual surveys, that are posted from Monday to Thursday.

Starting from this week, Extra-surveys, that consist of 10 questions, will be posted every Friday and Saturday. Allocated time for each survey is 24 hours.

Rules and conditions are the same: when choosing the answer try to recognize the majority opinion.

Except that the price of one question in Extra-surveys is $1 (the price of the usual questions is $0,02). Accordingly, the earning of participants for recognizing the majority opinion will be more. In addition, the results of Extra-surveys do not affect the coefficients, position in the rankings and tournaments.

Note that only owners of Advisors Club card can participate in Extra-surveys.

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