How does Sarai Jimenez combine work and care?

How does Sarai Jimenez combine work and care?


Sarai Jimenez was born in Mexico, in Hidalgo state, on September 14, 1997. She studied to be a technical software developer for three years. Now she is thinking about online studying. Last month, Sarai joined the Advisors Club, simultaneously receiving bonds from DB Advisors. And recently she became a supervisor of Mexico.
If someone gave You the time machine, where would You go?
I am a very family person, and this work allows me to work right at home and always be with my close people.
What is the most difficult part of your job?
To be able to sew certain things on clothes very quickly.
If someone gave You the time machine, where would You go?
Of course, to the future. You can find out everything that happens in the future and, having returned to the present moment you can correct what you want.
Would You go against the public opinion?
It depends on the topic and


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