How does Sarai Jimenez combine work and care?

How does Sarai Jimenez combine work and care?


was born in Mexico, in Hidalgo state, on September 14, 1997. She studied to be a technical software developer for three years. Now she is thinking about online studying. Last month, Sarai joined the Advisors Club, simultaneously receiving bonds from DB Advisors. And recently she became a supervisor of Mexico.

If someone gave You the time machine, where would You go?

I am a very family person, and this work allows me to work right at home and always be with my close people.

What is the most difficult part of your job?

To be able to sew certain things on clothes very quickly.

If someone gave You the time machine, where would You go?

Of course, to the future. You can find out everything that happens in the future and, having returned to the present moment you can correct what you want.

Would You go against the public opinion?

It depends on the topic and the point of view of the society opinion on this topic.

The quality that You always wanted to see in yourself?

My sense of humor, I like to make a clown of myself, make my family members and my friends laugh.

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Your happiest memory.

I do not know why, but as a child, my father and I went to the beach, I played with my friends there, and we ate a lot of fruit.

The gift that would make You delighted from all your heart?

Relax with my family, ... well, or a car.

The movie that caused a lot of emotions.

"The Hunger Games". Each scene caused different, strong feelings: rage, happiness, sadness, a lot of emotions and experiences.

Your favorite foreign word.

"Love". When there is love, or something is done with love, then everything works out.


(personality analysis based on interviews)

Supposed type of personality:

Type of rational perfectionism

This type of personality is characterized by practical logic, increased sense of responsibility, they attach great importance to traditions, rules and laws. Usually people with this type of personality tend to be responsible for their actions and carry out assignments carefully and patiently.

Thinking structure:

Such persons possess a number of qualities, such as sharp mind, self-sufficiency, independence, preference to work with facts. People with this type of personality prefer to work alone most of the time, or manage the process, i.e. to be the boss.

Advise for success:

When carrying out the assigned tasks, people of this type of personality adhere to rules and clearly set methods. But often, the people use this opportunity and they can shift their responsibilities to them, while feeling confident that their work will be done well.

Honesty for this type of people is much more important than any emotional side. But deep down, these are sensitive people.

Do not forget to take care of yourself. You do not need to keep everything under control constantly, from time to time you can be emotional, take time and relax.

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