The one who destroyed the monopoly of men

The one who destroyed the monopoly of men


By:Vera Ustinova

Lady Thatcher certainly had emotional intelligence and skillfully used tolerance, one of many aspects of emotional intelligence, as her main weapon on the way of creating rational thinking and society.
She tried to recognize the majority opinion of the non-rich, non-poor, but the middle segments of society. Seeing her attention, they supported her not only with votes in elections, but with all brave English heart.
Before that time, men thought that a woman does not have a place in politics, but appearance of Margaret Thatcher proved that there is room for a "weak" gender at the round table of King Arthur. Although the table was round, no one could disagree with the opinion that this table has its own corner, intended for a woman with a firm, unshakeable character, heart and soul of Richard I.
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