You are not like anyone else ...

You are not like anyone else ...


1. Snake egg. Snake embodies wisdom, life experience and expressed aspiration for money. You need to remember and keep the balance of the future life, and experience more bright emotions. Do not forget about close people by showing them your love.

2. Turtle egg. This choice indicates your slowness and fear of solving problems. You need to control your emotions and guide them in the right direction. And also do not forget about the development of spiritual health, that will help you in all endeavors.

3. Dinosaur egg. You are a unique person with leadership qualities. You are a rebel who denies the foundations of society. Your bright emotions fill the room and the people that surround you. But do not abuse emotions to avoid mistakes. Sometimes you should be independent and overcome unnecessary attachments.

4. Chicken egg. Try to develop your imagination and add bright colors to your life. Communicate with friends more, but at the same time remember about the family. This will improve spiritual harmony and add confidence. And most importantly - do not forget to dream. Dreams are assistants in your future.

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Emotional intelligence can save lives

I have come to better understand people, regardless of economic situation, race and religion.

The joy of victory

DB is full of new tests, and everyone, whether a rookie or a veteran strive to win in tournaments.

Find a child in yourself

Don’t be afraid to feel bright emotions, give yourself up to joyful feelings.

Empathy as part of emotional intelligence

Empathy is an existent feeling in the individual, just try to give it a chance to act.

Unlimited benefits and opportunities in DB Advisors

Enjoy your unlimited benefits and opportunities in DB.

Panoramic future of DB Advisors

Use every opportunity provided by the platform.

Multifocal Intelligence

There is a world that can be discovered behind the scenes of the human mind, a rich, sophisticated and interesting world

Striking balance: EQ and IQ

Emotional intelligence enhances success in life while general intelligence enhances success in school.