Tournaments Сalendar for January 2018

Tournaments Сalendar for January 2018


Dear Advisors!
Tournaments have started again with the beginning of the new year. Despite the fact that the rules and bonuses stayed the same, more decisive and ambitious participants joined the tournament this time.
On January 8 the next Country Cup Tournament will start in 43 countries with a prize fund of $8,600. 1040 Advisors will compete for the Cup of their country. The winner of the tournament gets $200.
If you have not find your name among the participants of the tournament, do not get disappointed. In the countries where the Country Cup is held, the Country Championship with a prize fund of $25 800 is held as well. Remind that all representatives of the countries participate in this tournament. The winners of the championship are the Advisors (3 from each country) with the highest coefficients of the month.
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