The price of emotions (continued)

The price of emotions (continued)

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The price of emotions is water

That floats from the eye sockets corner

But without emotions life is emptiness and silence

Among the zeroes and numbers

When a person does not cope with pain, suffering, he "turns off" his feelings. Remaining in this state, not allowing himself to be involved in emotions, a person will always be dissatisfied, whatever he does and no matter how well he lives his life. Not allowing ourselves to go through the emotion, paying it off, displacing it, we direct ourselves directly into the office to the doctor. Therefore, you need to "take chances" and continue to live and feel. After all, the price of insensitivity is high. Life without emotions is just "the half" of life. It is necessary to collect small pleasures bit by bit for yourself and become happy, expressing and understanding your emotions.

People want to gain absolute control over their emotions, considering this skill as a good acquisition. After all, such control makes it possible not to empathize, not to break under the stroke of bad luck, not to regret, to turn away from someone else's misfortune, not to let the negative into their outwardly "prosperous" life. Logic and reason make a career. But over time, such people suddenly feel anguish, emptiness, deprivation and complete lack of happiness. Yes, when we feel, we become vulnerable, but our life the price of insensitivity becomes.

Therefore, experience emotions, fill yourself with positive emotions, give love, live a full life, being in happiness and realizing it, fill yourself with beautiful emotions: these are masterpieces of painting, music, positive attitude towards close and far people, good books, the beauty of nature and the universe. Remember that we are what we fill ourselves with. As long as we feel, we are alive!

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