The price of emotions

The price of emotions

23.12.2017 2960


Why are we endowed with the gift of feeling? Why is it so difficult for us to control emotions? What is the price of insensitivity? How do emotions affect our life, relationships, work? Everyone asked himself these questions.

Emotions are very ancient regulators in human behavior. Much older than conscious (rational) thinking. I think emotions are primary. They turn on much faster than our thinking. That's why it is so difficult to cope with them and almost impossible to control them. And that's why we apologize so often, when emotions "running ahead" of consciousness present us with unexpected manifestations. How to control them - this is a separate topic. And today we will talk about the meaning of emotions and what price we have to pay when we do not understand ourselves and our emotions.

Emotions are a mechanism of person’s self-regulation. They arise when there are needs, but we do not satisfy them. Sometimes we just do not listen to what emotion wants to tell us. But unconscious emotions will still manifest themselves in the form of hysterics, quarrels, a splash of aggression, so it is better to "understand" them immediately, as they appear. What does it mean? It is necessary to identify, accept your emotion, and not to drive it into the "storerooms" of consciousness. Then try to test (realize) it and satisfy it.

Our emotions do a lot for us:


For example, we experience fear when there is a need for security: anger, when there is an obstacle in meeting the need; guilt when there is a need for acceptance of us; gratitude when there is a need for a relationship.

We need to learn to recognize our emotions. They teach everything - mathematics, literature, computer science. But they do not teach to what our life, work, relations in the family and society directly depend on. It's too bad. We know so little about ourselves, about our experiences and feelings, and how to "negotiate" with them. Emotions that we experience for a long time become feelings. It is love, hatred, envy. If we fill ourselves with positive information - read good books, watch movies without violence, explore sacred knowledge - we get filled with energy, light, we get optimistic predictions for life from our mind. Then we "radiate" this information outward, giving people the creation energy.

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