The price of emotions

The price of emotions


By: Vera Ustinova

Why are we endowed with the gift of feeling? Why is it so difficult for us to control emotions? What is the price of insensitivity? How do emotions affect our life, relationships, work? Everyone asked himself these questions.
Emotions are very ancient regulators in human behavior. Much older than conscious (rational) thinking. I think emotions are primary. They turn on much faster than our thinking. That's why it is so difficult to cope with them and almost impossible to control them. And that's why we apologize so often, when emotions "running ahead" of consciousness present us with unexpected manifestations. How to control them - this is a separate topic. And today we will talk about the meaning of emotions and what price we have to pay when we do not understand ourselves and our emotions.
Emotions are a mechanism of person’s self-regulation. They ari


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