I don’t think everyone will like my article

I don’t think everyone will like my article



When I first took part in debates, I didn’t quite understand and accidentally entered the open debate (Ed .: refers to filling the request for a debate). A participant who repeatedly won, was the leader of the day, who fully understood the topic, chose me. This confused me.

I thought, he saw that I was a beginner, and he would definitely win. Why did he do that? It is obvious: to take advantage of someone’s inexperience. I will make you laugh. Everything was in reverse. He was not the one who won. I understand that it is an accident and I think it was a lesson for my opponent. But the fact is fact. It is not an exception, but rather a rule for some participants. This makes me very sad.

The article is exactly about that. About moral values, principles, about spiritual component of people. It is easy to “pluck” beginners. But what about the strong ones? Is it easy? We often choose easy, but immoral way without thinking about it. In fact, I feel very sorry about the beginners. Why don’t they pick the equals and don’t leave beginners for beginners in order not to get disappointed in people?

I would like to appeal to Advisors: please, think about other people a little, when you choose your opponent in debates. If a person is on the website 5-30-50 days, he will lose to you, but only because he is a beginner. And what will he think of you, isn’t’ it important? Be kinder to others and life will give you a hundred times more than money.

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