The word is born from word

Freedom of thought is a lever of progress leading only to bright knowledge.

To vote or not to vote

Bad officials are the ones elected by good citizens who do not vote.- George Jean Nathan

Think globally, act locally. Elizabeta Miljkovic

Nothing stays there for too long – things are changing fast.

This too shall pass. Nedim Katica

It will make the rich richer, while making the non-rich poorer.

Yesterday's "live" meetings added some drive

... there is a pattern revealed: only those whose names on the DB Advisors website "sound" around the world participate in the training.

Fight the exacerbation of emotions!

Feeling alone can cause mental fatigue.

You bet it! Tania Ivanova

...the goal is not always justified by the means.

Birds invented globalization

Feel yourself at home and set your thoughts free!