Interview with Dana Baluta: “It’s important to make people understand me”

Interview with Dana Baluta: “It’s important to make people understand me”

Author: Dana Baluta


Added 14.11.2017

is a young economist from Romania. She joined DB Advisors more than a year ago and has already become a 5-time champion of Romania. And this is not surprising, because her level of other people’s understanding reaches 65%. In addition, Dana Baluta is a member of the Advisors Club, and she owns the bonds of the company. And now let's get acquainted with our heroine.

Your idol.
I can’t say that I have an idol, but I appreciate the personality of Albert Einstein. He was a great and very important figure in the history of the world. Long ago, I saw a miniseries about Einstein’s life. His theory of happiness left a positive effect. It says: “A calming and humble life will bring more happiness than the pursuit of success and the constant restlessness that comes with it." It made me be proud and happy with all that I have at this moment.

Whose advice do you listen more often?
I am a rational person. I often say that I want everything to be perfect. According to my zodiac sign (Virgo), I am a person who tends to manage and solve everything by himself. But there are times when you feel the need of a close person who takes everything under the control or gives advice when you most need it. For me, those are my fiancé and my family.

What book do you recommend to your friends?
I really liked “Crime and Punishment” by Dostoevsky and “Men who hates women” by Larson. I’m intrigued by the psychology of the individual, their behavior in critical situations and how these situations influence on them.

What do you listen more – heart or logic?
I'm a practical person, so I can say that more often I listen to the logic. In the situations, where I don't have the control, I risk and make the choices listening my heart, taking into consideration the fact that I will be my responsible for the consequences. I’m also an emotional person, but even when I was a child, I was more responsible than emotional, and I always analyzed all the following implications.

How do emotions affect your relationship with other people?
I am a sociable person, but I don't like to express my feelings to regular people. I can show my feeling to close people, who know me. They appreciate my personality. But there are cases when I may be wrong. I know that. I make them know my mistakes. I think that even when emotions are positive or negative and there are consequences from them, it is important to make people understand you and to understand others. Accept your mistakes and mistakes of other people.


In which question category do you often recognize other people’s opinion on the website?
I think that this is the category of our opinion about life.

Your most successful investment until today.
I can say that there are many little investments that were made until now. But recently with my fiancé we also manage to invest money in something more important things like in dealing with difficulties that we encounter to buy our future home.

Is it possible to successfully develop the ability to earn after 50?
Yes, it is never too late to start or to develop a business, which guarantees you money.

How do you think, what kind of sport increases emotional stability of person?

It depends on the person. Every sport is as different as humans and the effect on them is also different. In my case, I really like to watch tennis matches, and how the match can change in seconds. The same happens with emotions. You can change them in a difficult period of your life in seconds/minutes. That’s how it’s said, brain is the engine of everything.


(personality analysis based on interviews)

Supposed type of personality:

Type of inert perfectionism

Unlike idealists, people with this type of personality are resolute and purposeful. Such people do not just dream and do nothing, but take concrete steps to achieve their goals and build a long-term strategy.

Thinking structure:

Dana comes into contact easily, she respects the interlocutor. The surrounding people consider such people to be social and communicative personalities. But at the same time, our heroine needs loneliness, in order to have a rest and "recharge".

Dana prefers rational solutions to problems, while not affecting the feelings of others, since she is sensitive to the emotions of the surrounding people.

Advice for success:

It's important for Dana Baluta not to forget herself. Her positive quality – purposefulness – can get out of control and lead to depression. In most cases, the world for such people seems filled with injustice that must be corrected. However, it is necessary to understand that not only the world needs their support, but they themselves too.

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