International Cup 4: Diana Lawrence VS Djebbar Seif

International Cup 4: Diana Lawrence VS Djebbar Seif


 from Tanzania has been sidelining more experienced Advisors from the International Cup 4 and is now confidently moving towards the final round. Second day into the semifinals, she has a 1.3-point upper hand over her opponent from Algeria,. This is her first participation in this tournament and such performance speaks of her high potential.

It is the third attempt to conquer the International Cup 4 tournament for Djebbar Seif. He is much more experienced than Diana, but the results of the two days’ surveys show that he will probably not make it into the final round this time as well. Although, our Advisor has more than enough time to catch up.


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The main event of the tournament

The only thing that we can say with confidence is that we are waiting for a very interesting and exciting duel.

Who are they - 3 obvious leaders?

10 survey days are left until the end of the Country Championship

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Leaders’ Cup is waiting for its finalists

The results of the semifinal tournament will be known on Monday, November 20.