Prince Abraham:“My Priority as a Supervisor Is to Promote DB Advisors, Its Aims and Objectives”

Prince Abraham:“My Priority as a Supervisor Is to Promote DB Advisors, Its Aims and Objectives”


 is no stranger to success at DB Advisors. He has won both the Nigeria Cup and Nigeria Championship numerous times and rank within the Top 10 in the daily rating list. However, this time he is trying on a new role for himself at DB Advisors. Please meet our newest supervisor from Nigeria.

 has a degree in Biochemistry Technology from the University of Port Harcourt in Rivers State. At the moment, he is an online freelancer, offering services in writing, editing, virtual assistance and web development. He immensely enjoys traveling, listening to music, surfing the web and reading. His favorite sports pastimes are soccer, scrabble, racing and cycling. Prince boasts an analytical set of mind, he is strong willed and determined to achieve the goals he sets for himself. He is a great motivator – both for himself and the people around him. He tries to keep an optimistic and positive outlook and believes in giving his best to any cause. He has successfully completed several trainings both for academic and personal growth. Our Advisor has also been involved in a number of projects, which have been life-changing and some of them are still being nurtured to achieve greater impact. In 5-10 years he hopes to reach out to more youths and influence them positively and to bring his organization to a global standard and recognition. He says his soft-heartedness is a negative trait, as he tries to help others in his own little ways, unfortunately, some people tend to abuse this gesture.

Being chosen the supervisor from my country is a privilege and a cause that requires me to put forward my best efforts to succeed. I am very motivated by a desire to be successful and excel in this role. Another big driver for me is the passion to promote this project by performing all the necessary tasks.

Whatever I do, I always give it my best. Since it is a new role, which is somewhat different from others, I would like to concentrate on doing the job and going forwards instead of comparing myself to other supervisors.

I am willing to work on the necessary personal developments that will help me perform better. I will start by prioritizing my goals based on the requirements of the role. I believe my priority as a supervisor should be promoting DB Advisors, its aims and objectives.

If I do not manage to succeed at first, I will seek for other paths that will help me achieve it. Whatever the challenge may be, persistence and optimism helps us to overcome any obstacle. It might not be easy at first, but it is definitely achievable.

This role is not entirely new to me, although the mode of operations and requirements may be different and new. But then one should always be open to learning and adjusting to fit the role properly.

I think it is essential that supervisors from different countries keep in touch. The beauty of it is that everyone gets to grow together by learning form each other’s experiences, which will also improve overall performance. And I do not see supervisors from other countries as opponents. For me they are colleagues, who share a common vision, goal and midset.


Please find the full list of supervisors in “Supervisors” tab under Contacts. Those, who would like to try out as supervisors, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].


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