September Country Cup (updated)

September Country Cup (updated)


After three survey days at the Country Cup final round, the fate of some of the duels has almost settled. However, the contestants are head-to-head in most intense battles for the cups of their countries in Georgia Cup, Bangladesh Cup, Kazakhstan Cup, Kenya Cup, Philippines Cup, Russia Cup, Serbia Cup and Ukraine Cup.

Supervisor from Bangladesh has been participating in the surveys for over 300 days. He has previously been the Bangladesh Cup winner and is a four-time champion. The other finalist, , does not boast any special achievements in tournaments, as it is his first time in the final stage. He has to face a very strong opponent, which he lags behind from for 0.4 point at the moment.

The four-time leader falls 0.2 point behind from the three-time leader . Note that Nana has already won the Georgia Cup once and has been the Georgia Champion. Despite the small point gap, it is Roza’s first chance to win the tournament.

Two titular Advisors have come head-to-head in Kazakhstan Cup – the five-time cup owner and the two-time cup owner . At the moment, Lyudmila has a 0.09-point upper hand over our Supervisor from Kazakhstan.

is competing against the two-time winner of Kenya Cup . Amani is also the four-time Kenya Champion. Luckie is not humbled by the titles of her opponent and is 0.3 point ahead at the moment.

We might have a new cup owner from Philippines. The two-time Philippines champion has found herself in the final round of the tournament for the first time and has a 0.25-point upper hand over .

The Russia Cup owner is determined to repeat his success. He is in the lead by 0.04 point against his opponent .

and are competing in the Serbia Cup for the fourth time. And this time one of them has a real chance of owning the Serbia Cup for the first time. Igor Bilbija is very close to his goal.

Both finalists have previously won the Ukraine Cup once. They have already come head-to-head in battles twice previously and each one of them boasts a victory over another. This time has managed to put a 0.5-point gap between herself and her opponent.



The final round at the Country Cup tournament has started today and will end on 2 October. The overall prize pool of the tournament is 4,000 LI. There are both Advisors without cups and those who boast several among the finalists this time. For example, both finalists have previously celebrated winning the tournament in Kazakhstan Cup, Pakistan Cup and Ukraine Cup. And we will have brand new winners in Belarus Cup, India Cup, Kyrgyzstan Cup, Philippines Cup and Serbia Cup. In the remaining 12 countries at least one of the finalists has previously won the Country Cup.

The final countdown of the tournament is quite intense. And it is no exception to the rule, because it is the heat that adds a tinge of excitement to the final round. All we are left to do is observe and state the obvious facts.



4 participants each from 20 countries are battling on for the cup of their countries. Some of the countries have partially shaped their potential finalists on the last semifinal survey day at Country Cups. For example, in such countries as Kazakhstan, Philippines, Uzbekistan, Serbia, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan and Nigeria we can easily determine both finalists. Although sometimes events take unexpected turns at DB and the results can surprise us all.

Two representatives from each one of the 20 countries will compete on for the Country Cups winner title and we will know who they are on 25 September.



The Country Cup with a 4,000-LI prize pool is at full swing. All 20 participating countries concluded the quarterfinals today. 80 Advisors received the right to compete on in the semifinals. The main goal for each one of them is to earn a pass into the final round. They have mobilized all their efforts to win the trophy of their country.

Note that we will announce all the winners of the semifinal round in all countries on 25 September.



Another round at September Country Cup has come to an end. The contestants at Venezuela Cup are entering the 1/8 final stage, whereas other 19 countries (Albania, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bolivia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, India, Moldova, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Philippines) are starting the quarterfinals. The representatives of all these countries will be battling for the cup of their country, performing the zeal and perseverance so necessary for the victory.

Note that the quarterfinals in Venezuela will start on 15 September. All 20 countries will start the challenging semifinal stage on 18 September. As it is the last round before the finals and it defines who the finalists are going to be.

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