What Opponents Say: Dragana Zivkovic-Micunovic VS Sinisa Micunovic

What Opponents Say: Dragana Zivkovic-Micunovic VS Sinisa Micunovic



“It is the first time I have reached the 1/8 finals at Leaders’ Cup and I am very motivated to move forwards, regardless of who my opponent is. At the same time, I respect all my competitors.

I believe the strongest Advisor at the Leaders' Cup 14 is , who has more experience than others. But there are a couple of others, who might also surprise us.”


“I have quite a challenging opponent, but I am satisfied with my results at the Leaders’ Cup 14 tournament.

I find it hard to decide who the strongest Advisor is, because in my personal opinion that are several potential winners based on the results of the previous month.”

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