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Mae Ernesto: “I am Fascinated with Human Behavior”

Mae Ernesto: “I am Fascinated with Human Behavior”

Another one of our awardees at the Rookies Championship is , who has ranked 4th in the competition. He has been with us for a little over a month. His best result in the daily rating list has been ranking 36th. He was the best Advisor from Philippines in June. These are outstanding results for a newcomer and we would like to see more from our successful rookie.

Mae has recently left his job as a Resolution Specialist after spending 5 years there. He is planning to go back to school this August to study Information Technologies with an emphasis on Network Security Access. He likes gardening, traveling and photography and enjoys basketball and table tennis. Mae is especially good at logic and mathematics. He has achieved a lot in his job, but admits that he lacks artistic skills.

I was both happy and surprised to come in fourth in the Rookies Championship. At first, I was simply curious about your website, as I am fascinated with human behavior and I just went on answering the questions.

I especially loved the picture questions and the photos of nature. I cannot really say which answers were most unpredictable, since I have just started with the project and I mostly employed the trial and error method. My answers were based on observations and guesswork.

''My goal at DB Advisors is to continue climbing to the top and being consistent at it''.

I do not always check the Activity Log, but try to do so from time to time.

I think one of the secrets of successful Advisors is being keen observers. They probably keep up to date with the latest trends and check their answers after each survey day.

I would recommend all the newcomers not to be upset if they do not get the best answers at first. I believe anyone has the chance to be on top. 

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Henry Barbosavargas: “Being among the Top 100 Is Already a Great Achievement”

Without a trace a doubt, I feel that I have greatly improved my EI level and started recognizing the majority opinion much better.

Eduardo NapizaJr Proved He Is a Fast Learner

Some of the questions were very interesting, as they gave me a new perspective on the future, the environment and politics.

Natalia Aleksandrova: “Database Advisor Became a Part of My Active Life”

My long-term participation at DA helped me get better at understanding the majority opinion and I increased my level of emotional intelligence.

Krist Zografi: “Achievements are a Part of Life”

I think I have become better at recognizing the majority opinion

Nonna Phursi: "I Got My Title Back"

Knowing how to recognize the majority opinion comes very handy in my job, as I work with people.

Blecil Bitanas Determined to Conquer Peaks at DB Advisors

What I remember the most about my first tournament is my excitement as I anticipated the survey results.

Ram Sharma Believes in Working Hard

DA develops logical thinking me, which I use in my daily life to interact with my clients.

Meet the Eight-Time Belarus Champion!

Every participant gets a chance of increasing their interpersonal intelligence, expanding their knowledge and broadening their horizons thanks to Database Advisor.