Krist Zografi: “Achievements are a Part of Life”

Krist Zografi: “Achievements are a Part of Life”


demonstrates a consistently stable performance and we are sure that he acts as an inspiration for many Advisors, just as he does for us with his invaluable feedback. He has been with us since mid-September 2016, and has achieved a lot with the project. He is the three-time Albania Champion and the owner of Albania Cup. However, his best result in the daily rating list was ranking the 10th of the day. We are sure that he will author bigger achievements, and would like to wish him best of luck.

He was born in Tirana, Albania, on 16 October 1991. He has a Master’s Degree in “Information and Communication Technologies”. Krist wants to become a software developer and spends most of his free time studying the development language along his work as IT support. He enjoys programming, photoshopping, cooking, taking long walks and reading about new technologies. He loves all sorts of sports, such as football, volleyball, basketball, running, swimming and others, as he has the physic for it. He is honest, loyal, organized, punctual, believes in working hard and finishing everything he has started. He has achieved a lot in life, but considers his achievements a part of life, not something one should brag about. In 5-10 years, he hopes the see himself at a job that he loves, not doing something, he has to do, because he does not have any other choice. He wants to travel a lot and start his own family. Krist hates lies. All of us have our own negative traits and he says he is stubborn sometimes. He gets disappointed fast, because he expects more from people. He is quite indecisive when it comes to buying things and overthinks too much.

It was not my first victory and I know that it all depends on answering all the questions every day, without skipping even one. At the end of the week or month, even 0.01 point matters. The competition accelerated towards the last week of the month, but once I achieved a 1.5-point gap, I was sure that I was going to win.

Most of the times I try to see questions from different points of view and try to make several assumptions on which one might be the best answer. Afterwards I choose the one that feels more suitable. It is hard to always guess the majority opinion, but compared to where I was before, I feel like I have come a long way and I know that I will get even better. There are quite a lot of times, when I struggle to understand why the majority has chosen a specific answer.

I feel very glad that I have won, especially I feel that the competition was not entirely fair within my country, but I still managed to come on top and I will continue doing my best in the upcoming months.

I am sure that there are people in every tournament, who do not show a fair game, but it is nothing compared to the tournament within my country. I have to deal with 12 people, who are a group of relatives and friends, so yeah, it is hard to win! Imagine a group of 12 people, answering questions among themselves and discussing what the majority opinion can be. Their answers can be different for 1-5 questions. If you get my point of view, you can see that there is a “mini majority”. I have to compete against a majority within the majority at Database Advisors.

Advisors should pay a lot of attention to the Activity Log to understand where their opinions were different from others.

I follow my ratings every day throughout the month, but only within my own country. It is rather pleasurable to score as high as possible and it motivates me to do even more.

''I would say that I am a good participant in this intellectual sport, but there is plenty room for improvement''.

Usually I save up my winnings, or buy accessories for my mobile phone, laptop, PC or some new device or even a present for my family. However, this time my brother suggested something much greater. We will chip in my $300 into our savings and we will buy a getaway trip for our parents.

Answers about “cloning” showed how religious people are and that they see it as a taboo. Even though some may regard is as taboo, I see it as a breakthrough, especially for medicine. Many people are on waiting lists in need of a transplant, because hospitals cannot find donors. Imagine cloning a specific organ for patients who need immediate transplants. Wouldn’t it be great? Hundreds of people, maybe even more, die every day waiting for their transplants and cloning might be the best opportunity to save them.

I also remember a question about technologies, about how most people see the advantages of iPhones compared to Samsung or other brands. I admit that iPhones are simple, attractive and easy to use, but Android apps and ROMs will allow you do things, iPhone users cannot even imagine.

I think I have become better at recognizing the majority opinion. My EI has developed a lot since I joined this project but there is still room for improvement.

As my EI has improved greatly in this project, I feel like I can recognize the majority opinion in all the categories.

Database Advisor Analytical Center

“You do not have to suppress your emotions”

For me victory is an invaluable experience that inspires, motivates to achieve the following goals.

“Everyone should find the right way to be happy”

I always try to do what my heart and mind tell me.

The secret of happiness from Marin

To be productive and fight for my dreams it is essential for me to find peace in everything

“We should put our soul in what we are doing”

This a very interesting idea to share our opinions and earn due to them, thus improving our EQ.

“Each person is a whole world that has something to learn from”

Hot shower, quiet evening, green tea, calm conversations with loved ones – that is how I get rid of stress.

The road to a life full of blossom

I would definitely choose the forest for my office because it allows clearing my mind and staying focused.

Truth opens many doors in front of you

The perfect combination that provides your website - learn, develop and earn money.

“Be true to yourself, stop pleasing other people and live for yourself”

Challenges make me stronger, putting myself out of comfort zone