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Eduardo NapizaJr Proved He Is a Fast Learner

Some of the questions were very interesting, as they gave me a new perspective on the future, the environment and politics.

Natalia Aleksandrova: “Database Advisor Became a Part of My Active Life”

My long-term participation at DA helped me get better at understanding the majority opinion and I increased my level of emotional intelligence.

Krist Zografi: “Achievements are a Part of Life”

I think I have become better at recognizing the majority opinion

Nonna Phursi: "I Got My Title Back"

Knowing how to recognize the majority opinion comes very handy in my job, as I work with people.

Blecil Bitanas Determined to Conquer Peaks at DB Advisors

What I remember the most about my first tournament is my excitement as I anticipated the survey results.

Ram Sharma Believes in Working Hard

DA develops logical thinking me, which I use in my daily life to interact with my clients.

Meet the Eight-Time Belarus Champion!

Every participant gets a chance of increasing their interpersonal intelligence, expanding their knowledge and broadening their horizons thanks to Database Advisor.

Prince Abraham: “I Am Still Learning”

The beauty of this intellectual sport is that it gives room for daily development and learning.