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Interview with the Leader – Svetlana Voronkina

I found out loads of interesting information after I joined the project. It offers great opportunities for self-education.

Janneth Lavega Determined to Be More Competitive

I knew that winning would be very challenging for me, because my opponents are very intelligent.

Interview with the Leader – Akhad Kadirov

I now think that EI is very important in every life, as it surrounds us everywhere, from choosing products to interpersonal relations.

Third Victory in a Row for Mintu Mistry

If anyone wants to win, he or she simply must answer all questions on a daily basis.

Prince Abraham Says Winning is a Privilege

All of my competitors were good and victory could have easily gone either way.

Dragana Zivkovic-Micunovic: “January is My Month”

I have armed myself with useful information, positive attitude and my instincts.

Dennis Mongare Unsurprised to Win!

The key to competing in tournaments is trying to understand the majority opinion better than my colleagues.

To Victory with Confidence

I did not have any easy rounds. I have to admit that nothing comes easy to me in life.