Rookies Championship Results

This tournament was held among Advisors, who signed up from 26 May to 1 June.

La Palma Cup and Union Cup Presents Champions!

As a result, Humberto Vallejos and Bajsz Gabor won $200 each.

Daily Rewards Winners – June

Everybody has equal chances of winning the daily rewards.

May Leader – Janna Ramazanova

DA team believes in the strength of her knowledge and emotions and congratulates Janna with a magnificent end to the month.

June Advisor Marathon

Become one of the opinion leaders and the owner of a $1,750 prize pool

May Country Rating Winners

Georgia is becoming the winner in this rating list for the third time.

Time to Compete! DB Advisors Launches 3 Tournaments at Once

While launching yet another marathon of competitions, DB Advisors grants a chance to every participant to show their worth and their skills to the most.

Rookies, it is your time to shine!

Put your skills to test. Trust your EI!