Secret Success of Opinion Leaders – Part 4

Secret Success of Opinion Leaders – Part 4


Dear Advisors!

Here is what our project leaders speak of their secret of success. We believe studying them will help you score better results in our project.

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Country Cup results for September

Congratulations to today's winners - the owners of the prize of 200 LI.

Winner of Leaders’ Cup 15 – Nonna Phursi

Congratulations to all the winners and wish you good luck in your further competitions.

Results of the Country Championship for September

We Welcome Participants from Malta at DB Advisors

We are extremely glad to see representatives from this country.

Who Would You Challenge in Debates?

Use the chance to answer to a request or invite any participant to debate with you.

August Country Cup Results

A true foundation for future victories is having a high EQ, working tirelessly hard on achieving the goal and being an active participant of surveys.

August Country Rating Winners

None of the participating countries manage to overpower the strength and perseverance of the Georgian Advisors.

August Country Championship Results

63 Advisors from 21 countries got to share a 12,600-LI prize pool