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Secret Success of Opinion Leaders – Part 4

Secret Success of Opinion Leaders – Part 4

Dear Advisors!

Here is what our project leaders speak of their secret of success. We believe studying them will help you score better results in our project.

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Changes in Labor Index Balance

Positive changes for users

Tournaments from 2 Countries Canceled!

If a similar situation takes place in other countries, their tournaments will also be discontinued.

Which countries may be deprived of rewards?

There are still participants, especially among those who got a chance to compete in the tournaments, who skip survey days.

The January Country Tournaments Start

Country Cup and Country Championship will be held among countries that are a part of the League.

Recognize the Opinions and Emotions of Others

Participate in the daily surveys and score the highest rate.

Over 5,000 Debates Held!

The participant, who wins the battle, receives additional Labor Index as a bonus.

Secret Success of Opinion Leaders – Part 3

What is the secret of your success?