Advisors Club

The Advisors Club is a closed club for DB Advisors participants. In order to join the club, you should purchase a virtual club card. Members of the Advisors Club are granted special privileges.

Privileges of the club card owners:

The right to receive a prize fund in all DB Advisors tournaments, with the exception of Advisors Tournaments.

The right to receive a prize fund in the marathon of the month and daily bonuses as well.

Beneficial offer: becoming the owner of the club card you will receive 1 bond of the company as a bonus.

Participants who are not members of the club are allowed to the battle for prize funds, but are unable to receive them.

Purchase the club card and become a participant of the "Advisors Club":


Purchase now and get bonus:

1 bond of DB Advisors company

*The Club card is issued for a period of one year.