DB Advisors

DB Advisors is a company that studies emotional intelligence and implements its practice in people's daily lives.

Our company helps to identify and control our emotions, as well as the emotions of others. We help develop skills such as: emotional awareness or the ability to identify and name your emotions, the ability to use those emotions and apply them to tasks such as thinking and problem solving, the ability to control emotions, which includes regulating your own emotions when needed, and encouraging or reassuring others. An emotionally intelligent person simultaneously realizes his emotional states, even negative ones - disappointment, sadness or something more delicate, he is able to identify and control them. These people are also well feel the emotions experienced by others. It is easy to understand how sensitivity to emotional signals from within and from the social environment can make a person a best friend, parent, leader or romantic partner. Fortunately, these skills can be mastered and this is where our team helps. Our company started its activity in 2015 in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Nowadays, the world migrated to the online space. We acknowledge this fact by structuring our services to be completely online so that you can get all required information without wasting your time for physical relocation. Simple and fast registration process creates your online profile on our website to get the most out of the offered services.

Our online services consist of three elements: Training, Practice and Tournaments. Our training programs are developed using the EI model of Yale University and the University of New Hampshire. Each day 15 questions with answer options are published on the website for effective analysis of the answers of the participants and drawing conclusions. The methodology that we have developed is aimed at covering the whole world and not be limited by Azerbaijan only. We create international opportunities for people to share their ideas and attitudes. This allows mapping diversity and complexity of the opinions and solutions which come from different cultures, beliefs and intellectual development. And by extension of the knowledge, we have more options to enhance our professional skills. In modern world, everyone is expected to display leadership skills. We are held accountable for many processes that take place in everyday life. DB Advisors is interested in fostering each member as a strong leader. Online debates that take place on our website are another mean to practice your skills. Anyone and everyone may also participate in the tournaments conducted by DB Advisors and be rewarded with the prize.

All in all, we emotionally link to your desires and wishes by creating a platform for your personal and professional growth.

We strongly believe that the world might be a better place if we learn not to criticize but to understand each other.