About us

DB Advisors is a company engaged in many areas in the field of social interaction and public relations. The core of our concept is a strong community of people from all over the world.

— What is our mission?
Our company strives to obtain clean, raw and valuable information to structure, analyze, study it and draw conclusions. The mission of our project can be called the desire for peace, mutual understanding,
“We want our world to become a place where everyone can be themselves, without the risk of being rejected and misunderstood.”
Our goal is to provide our users with the most convenient, simple, fast and memorable experience. Our editors, designers, programmers and consultants are the very people who make our website a cozy place open to everyone.
The topics of our articles, tests and games cover various aspects of life. Everything that can inspire your interest, everything that you have ever thought about — we write about all this and even more. Once you look into the sections of the site, and you will see for yourself.
We are all different, our past, experience and outlook do not always coincide. But this fact only brings us closer together around the campfire of common labor, drawing to itself like a beacon. So, please, welcome and get closer to the fire.