DB Advisors

DB Advisors was founded in Baku, Azerbaijan, on 1 October 2015. The website of the company has also existed ever since.

DB Advisors – DB Advisors has a very young team, but has already managed to become popular in various countries and demonstrate successful development, efficiency and high-level cooperation with participants.

Our concept : is to strive to discover people, who know how to “recognize the majority opinion” better than others and teach this skill to those, who do not know how to do it that well or at all. In other words, we would like to increase the level of the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) of as many people as possible. This is the requirement of time.

The company publishes 30 questions and answer options on a daily basis within its Program and analyzes the results of the answers by participants. Thus, the company works in different directions to increase the level of interpersonal relations (EQ), which our participants learn and develop.

We have also developed and launched different tournaments and debates to boost competitiveness and strive for leadership.

Note that the participants, who become leaders, are also rewarded with corresponding prizes from the Company’s Prize Fund.

Our values

Honesty towards self and others

Striving to increase the level of EQ both personal and of as many people as possible

Perfecting the skills we have and developing new ones

Tolerance and multiculturalism

Positive attitude and sense of humor

Smiling and openness