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About us

— Who are we? DataBase Advisors is a team consisting of young, active and ambitious people. The broth of our team includes several ingredients: openness, diligence, inexhaustible imagination and a gushing stream of ideas. We are all different, our past, experience and outlook do not always coincide. But this fact only brings us closer together around the fire of common labor, pulls us together like a beacon. We strive to provide our users with quality and enticing content so that you can come back again and again for a portion of pleasant sensations and bright emotions, so that you can develop your social skills and train your professional skills by cooperating with us.

— What is our mission?
As a researcher of global social trends, our company strives to obtain clean, raw and valuable information to structure, analyze, study it and draw conclusions. We want our world to become a place where everyone can be themselves, without the risk of being rejected and misunderstood. The means to achieve these goals can be called debates, numerous articles and other activities of the website.
"The mission of our project can be called the desire for peace, mutual understanding, and ridding of social stereotypes."
— What are we moved by? Our goal is to provide you, our users, with the most convenient, simple, fast and memorable experience. Our editors and authors painstakingly write out and weigh each written word, like artists on canvas, so that you feel comfortable when reading them. Our designers create stylish, modern and understandable pages, so that you could spend your time on the page and did not have difficulties. Our programmers write filigree verified codes, which themselves are a work of art, and besides, they are very useful. Thanks to their work, you do not see any bugs, glitches, or artifacts on the pages of our website. Everything works exactly as it was expected.
— What do we write about and what don't we write about? The topics of our articles, tests and games cover various aspects of life. Everything that can arouse your interest, everything that you have ever thought about, we write all this and even more. Once you look into the sections of the website, and you will see for yourself. However, there are a number of topics that we prefer to ignore. We do not write or publish material on sex, politics, or religion.
— You're still here!? So you have reached the end of our little tour behind the scenes of DB Advisors team. I'm sure you were interested, and so were we. I’d advise you not to waste any more time and continue your journey through the pages of the website.