DB Advisors

DB Advisors studies emotional intelligence on the basis of system of a voluntary collection of information for marketing, sociological, psychological and other studies in the form of electronic questionnaires and tests.

The platform is based on rewarding users for participating in research.

Each user pays an entrance fee for the right to participate in the program. This amount guarantees client's solvency and the quality of the answers offered. The system involves a reward that exceeds the contribution of the participant which makes the system a means of income for users.

The quality of the result is guaranteed not only by financial aspect but also by the ranking system between users. The ranking system is based on the calculated EI coefficient of the most popular answers. Accordingly, the user who chooses the most popular and correct answers gets higher in the ranking and receives a higher reward. A specific aspect of attracting users is the organization of the sports activity in the company.

 Leagues and tournaments systems with a prize fund are organized with sponsors support of the project within the framework of the platform. Tournaments among teams as well as segregation by region, country, or city, add team competitive spirit to the platform and passing tests and also carries a specific motivational character.

 A hierarchical system of achievements is envisaged as part of the continuation of the motivational program, in which residents can start from the beginner of the platform and become professionals in certain categories.