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Interview with the Winner – Daiva Petunova

Participating, answering all the questions every day and certainly winning.

Participant Review – Bajsz Gabor

It would make me really happy if we, Hungarians, had a Country Cup again.

Interview with the Leader – Khalisa Akperova

The secret of success is knowing how to combine logic, intuition, knowledge of psychology, as well as the analysis of previous mistakes.

Participant Review – Sergey Stoynov

I have been with the project for over 150 days and I have never missed even one survey.

Participant Review – Rohit Jain

I think the secret to success in this project is dedication and consistency.

Interview with the Winner – Krist Zografi

I have no formula for success, I just try to do my best. If we knew what it was, it wouldn’t be a secret, would it?

Interview with the Leader – Alexandr Vicolov

The Activity Log helps me see and correct my own mistakes.

Interview with the Winner – Rybka Maksim

It is most unfortunate that participants from Russia cannot compete with the leaders in earnest.