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Dragana Zivkovic-Micunovic: “January is My Month”

I have armed myself with useful information, positive attitude and my instincts.

Dennis Mongare Unsurprised to Win!

The key to competing in tournaments is trying to understand the majority opinion better than my colleagues.

To Victory with Confidence

I did not have any easy rounds. I have to admit that nothing comes easy to me in life.

Mohsen Chokri – “I was sure I would win”

I have the honor of being the first advisor from Tunisia, who joined this project.

Interview with the Leader - Aydin Nabiyev

I have not heard about Emotional Intelligence term before the project

Participant Review – Onyekachukwu Nnoli

My formula for success is, first of all, determination. I think we should read well and choose wisely.

Darko Krsteski Boasts a Collection of 5 Country Cups

I treat all my opponents with the same respect and attitude.

Road to Success – Natalia Aleksandrova

Before the project, I was an ordinary person, with an ordinary way of life. But then Database came into my life… and everything changed.