Jekaterina Rutka Has Second Chance of Winning

Jekaterina Rutka is once again a step away from becoming the champion of the tournament two months later.

Olga Bondar Fighting Hard for the Champion’s Title

Olga Bondar has more chances of winning the championship due to her experience and the rate she has scored so far.

Country Tournaments Have Started

Country Cup is held based on the Olympic system, or otherwise playoff.

The Great Three

There are only 4 countries, Montenegro, Guatemala, Italy and Honduras, represented by one advisor only.

The Best in Leaders’ Cup X

Janna Ramazanova has a 1.13-point upper hand over Aleksey from Uzbekistan.

Top 20 of Best Newcomers

The statistical review was held among those, who signed up from 1 January to date.

Battles between Participants from Latvia and Bangladesh Grow Hotter

Participants from these two countries are opponents in 8 bouts.

7 Participants Await Their Opponents in the Next Round

The opponents of these advisors did not answer even one question during the first three days of the competition.