Will Elmir Mammadli Be Able to Repeat Bahram Naghiyev’s Record?

It is quite evident that such tempos of increasing the distance will help the participant proceed into the quarterfinal round.

New Winner in Kyrgyzstan Championship?

Aleksandr also managed to put a gap between himself and Aidana Baktybek of 0.61 point. She has been stepping on his feet for 8 days now.

Winner of Latvia Championship Already Known?

The winner of the previous Latvia Championship, Jekaterina Rutka, is not among the prize winners based on the latest results.

Ex-Champion of Kazakhstan Cup Lags Behind

The least successful participant of the Kazakhstan Cup today was Akbilek Tagabayeva.

New Name at the Pinnacle of Success

The 11th spot holder in the January tournament, Diyana Krasteva, maintained her yesterday’s position.

Who Has an Upper Hand in Leaders’ Cup 11: Men or Women? – INFOGRAPHICS

As a result, women have an upper hand in 19 of these battles, whereas men are in the lead in another 12.

Prince Abraham is close to victory

Odunayo Ogungbure has outpaced Hilary Chukwu by 0,83 in three days

Fierce challenge for 2nd place in Philippines Championship

Owner of third place Janneth Lavega got one step higher and established herself among the prize winners